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Electric Vehicle is changing in street._


Electric Vehicle Charging. Solar PV. PV Battery Storage.


We founded ev-pv ltd out of a pure passion for renewable green energy. Our goals, our ambitions, our inspirations, all come together to form a truly amazing company that all of us are proud to be a part of.

Since 2009, we have become masters at our craft. We enjoyed the ups and downs of the Solar PV market and have now formed this combined EV/PV company. 

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We have over 10 years experience in the renewable energy area and even longer than that in the electrical sector. EV-PV pride themselves in delivering high quality services to both public and private sector customers.

We are based in Sutton Coldfield, North Birmingham and are perfectly geographically located, to provide installations in all areas up and down the country, in both home and business areas.

We are OLEV (Office for Low Emission Vehicles) approved installers of Electric Vehicle Charge Points (EVCP), and are able to provide all our customers the most cost effective, suitable home or workplace charge point solution which makes us the experts to choose for your EVCP installations.



'For many, the only disappointment of going electric is found when choosing a charge point. For those who love their home as much as their car, the choice is limited. So we created an option unlike anything on the market'.

Andersen EV have created the most stunning chargepoint on the market. With plenty of choice for designing your own chargepoint, there is something for everyone with Andersen.

Install costs start from *£729

*includes the £350 from OLEV.


EO stands for ‘Electricity Online’ – an idea integral to our vision of designing smart energy technologies for the future. Through integrations with solar panels, battery storage and smart home devices - EO will enable individuals to remove their dependency on the grid. We’re working to create a new energy ecosystem which gives people the power of energy autonomy.

The smallest charger on the market. If discreet is what your after then EO have created the charger for you. 

Install costs start from *£499

*Includes the £350 grant from OLEV


Eco-smart EV charger. Charge your EV with your PV. 

A very clever and smart looking charger from 'my energi' that works with your solar pv.

Install costs start from *£599

*Includes the £350 grant from OLEV


All Saints Dr, Sutton Coldfield B74 4AG, UK